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Business Planning

Key to better results

FloriadeBusiness Planning is a broad term to describe business related reports including

  • Strategic planning
  • Annual business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research

It is amazing how a well prepared plan, no matter how simple, can make a difference to the results of individual business enterprises and Destination Marketing Organisations.

Business Plans provide

  • Early warning of developments that can impact on the operation, and
  • Provide a check on progressive performance and for the year. Without some planning, strategic aims are not always defined and the direction of the operation is not clear.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning involves having a vision for the future and strategies to achieve this vision. This includes continual adaption to changing market place conditions identifying new opportunities, setting appropriate objectives and determining resources needed. Strategic Plans are usually for 3-5 years to allow for planning and resourcing of major initiatives.

A Strategic Plan drives the development of marketing plans for the organisation's individual products and services.

Annual business plans

The annual Business Plan guides the operations of the organisation or tourism business by balancing business objectives and marketing activities with operational activities, resources needed and financial circumstances.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies play an important role in determining the likely success of a business proposal particularly for infrastructure developments. Many "white elephant" tourism attractions around Australia have not become self-sustaining because there was no proper Feasibility Study undertaken before proceeding and they have become a financial burden on local Council budgets.

Advance Tourism has prepared a variety of feasibility studies and found in some instances that the proposed projects would not be self-sustaining. Because there was no proper Feasibility Study conducted, Councils concerned were grateful for the findings because long term debt was avoided.

Market research

Market research is an important part of success for tourism operations. For marketing planning by Destination Marketing Organisations, information from market demand research, consumer trends research, concept testing, demographics and other research data can be invaluable. Desk research can often provide valuable secondary information. Post campaign reviews can include advertising research. There are many research options that can help marketing planning and ongoing operations.

Specialist market research consultants

Advance Tourism works closely with proven expert market research specialists to develop research programs that best suit client needs.

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